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houseofcrack's Journal

The Winchester's House of Crack
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The Winchester House Of Crack

House of Crack is dedicated to Supernatural fanart that takes itself a little less seriously. Okay a lot less seriously. Let's just say we are here to inspire you to be the most random, hilarious, idiotic graphic-maker you can be.

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» Membership is open to everyone.
» All posts must have some humorous graphics, whether they be icons, banners, macros, etc.
» Respect your fellow members. If you have nothing nice to say, it doesn't belong here.
» Re: Spoilers. If it's questionable to you, it goes behind a cut with a warning, please!
» Limit 120kb of image weight outside of a cut (equivalent to 3 max sized icons)
» You will not be able to create new tags, but please try to use the ones provided -- you can make a tags request HERE.
» I reserve the right to ban any violators without notice. (Although you really have to be a jerk to incur my wrath.)