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24 October 2009 @ 09:36 pm
New Winchester Wabbits!  
Okay, so I'm finally cracked enuff to work on this...

Winchester Wabbits "Night of the Living Peeps", part 1
The NEW Adventures of the Winchester-Wabbits, "Night of the Living Peeps!"

MAJOR Lana bashing in this one! If that's not your thing, save yourself now! Also a WEE bit more slashy-ish, nothing major. Just  "Wink-wink, nudge-nudge" stuff.

The first Wabbit adventure can be seen at: Trouble in Carrot Town



Poor Dean! He had barely had time to recover from being a giant carrot, having his sweetie-BROTHER turned into a giant WOO-tah-Bega, and the...uhm... resultant.... celebrations they had from being Wabbits once again, but now he was having some VERY bad nightmares!

Horrible, wicked, VERY bad nightmares! It was more than just the usual "Can't find a clean bathroom, naked in school, didn't study for the big test" type nightmares, THESE had TERRIBLE, disgusting, very YUCKY things in them!

"EEEEE!" Dean shrieked, tho he couldn't move {You know how it is in nightmares!}

Go here for more!

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